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URL Forwarding

You may have used URL shorteners like or where you can copy and paste a long ugly URL string and get a nice short URL to use in your social media, websites and emails. Using a URL forwarder is the next step up from that because the objective is to register a domain name and then point the domain name to that same long, ugly, URL.

Probably the best example I can offer of an example of URL forwarding is this page on the Here Next Year website where I offer an opt-in to get access to my whitepaper 101 Traffic Methods. The URL is:

But, that would sure be difficult to fit onto a business card! I could use a URL shortening tool to create, but it sure looks more professional by registering a domain name that redirects to the opt-in page.

That domain name is:

Now, that I can fit onto a business card! And, in fact, I do have a business card that promotes that domain name. When I hand out 10 cards at networking events, half or more go to that location and sign-up. URL forwarding is FREE at Now that’s a positive return on investment!

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