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Domain Names for Baby

campic500-2With a new website focusing on domain names, how about starting at the beginning and talking about registering domain names for our new born babies?

Aston Kutcher revealed on the Conan show recently that he registered various domain names for his baby daughter related to as soon as he and his wife returned home.

There are a few reasons you should register domain names using the personal names of your children:

  • Scarcity – By the time your son or daughter will need to use their domain name, they won’t be able to register anything close.
  • Novelty – Parents used to buy their kids proof sets, stamps and other items with dates assigned to them. Buying a domain name has an original purchase date attached to it and that date will never change. Domain names are a great way to remember the baby’s birthday and have something of value to give to them when they’re older.
  • Forward Thinking – You never know if you’ll be raising the next best selling author or sold-out keynote speaker. Authors and speakers always have their domain names pointing to their professional website.

Beyond the obvious few reasons to buy a domain name for your baby, there’s one more to consider. You could build a website to store all your baby picture and events over the years and assign the child’s domain name to that website. What a great way to store all your images over time and keep control of the content.

You just never know when the photo websites might get sold, change terms, or go out of business entirely. A personally owned and hosted website is still the only way to assure control.

There are many reasons to register your baby’s domain name. If your son or daughter is already in their youth years, even better that Christmas is on the way! Buy your child their personal domain name and you will have a great Christmas (or birthday) present they’ll tuck away and use when it becomes appropriate.

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