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Marty Dickinson recommends BestDomainPlace.comMy name is Marty Dickinson and I’ve been a full-time web marketer for nearly 20 years now through my web services company and my coaching and consulting services. I created more than 12 years ago simply as a place to resell domain names and make a few bucks here and there based on the referred commissions. then turned into the favorite registrar tool among my own clients to register their domain names because they (and I) discovered that, as a reseller, I have just one more level of support clearance than the general public.

So, I was able to help them through the transfer process and if anything comes up about their domain names, I can contact higher support, if needed. Clients REALLY appreciate when someone they know, like, and trust is logging into their domain name accounts to help with support issues. has turned into so much more though! I’ve recently launched this website to be more of a central location for news and recommendations for the essential components related to domain names. A lot happens with domain names that doesn’t make the regular news you hear about on the web. Yet, your domain name is the very HEART of everything you do online…so you really should stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry.

  • Domain name search – Get reliable results in your search of domain names so you know in fact that a domain name is available before you attempt to register it.
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