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Only one person can have control over a single domain name. So, before you can buy a domain name, you will have to search for it and be sure it’s available. On this page, I’d like to offer some tips related to domain name searching for and choosing a domain name.

  • One Core Domain – You can register as many domain names as you’d like. But, you should only have one core domain name assigned to your website. Sure, use the URL Forwarding feature to point multiple domain names to individual pages of your website. But, your core home page should just be set to your core domain name.
  • Multiple Domains – Owning a dozen or more versions of your core domain name is very common these days. The only thing still restricted is the .GOV where you must be a government agency to register domain name with .GOV in it.
  • Multiple Extensions Available – The letters immediately following the (dot) in a domain name, as in .com or .org, are known as the TLD (or Top Level Domain). A variety of TLD’s are available through Best Domain Place including: .asia, .biz, .bz, .co, .com, .bz, .com, co, .cc, .com, .info, .jobs, .me, .mobi, .ms, .mx, .net,,, .nom, .co, .org, .tc, .tv, .us, .ws
  • Try Different Prefixes – If is taken, you can try or just like I did for this website
  • Try Different Suffixes – When prefixes you like are not available, try changing the suffix like or
  • Stay Away from Trademarks – I registered a few years ago and got a nasty cease and desist order in my mailbox. Be careful about using trademarked names in your domain name registrations.

Domain name registration has been around commercially for a little more than 20 years. The first domain I registered in 1995 had to be registered by my website hosting company. They charged me $120 per year!!

Today is different. You have total control over your domain names. Order many to protect your brand.

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