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How to Fix WordPress Viruses and Malicious Code

It’s Friday at 5:45 P.M. You’ve just pulled out of your driveway with your family to get that last camping trip in before the cold of winter moves in.

Suddenly, a text message comes through your phone from a long-time client. You are a responsible driver that does not text while driving, so you ask your daughter to read the message. She says, “Mommy, somebody is asking if you’re still in business because your website is down.”

Panic mode sets in.

You pull over to the side of the road and check your domain name to see if you’ve been a victim of domain name theft. But, that’s not the problem. So, you contact your website hosting company. They tell you, “Your web server is up. I think you might have a virus on your website.”

“Can you fix it?” is your plea in reply as your voice quivers.

After a brief pause, your website hosting support ever-so-lovingly says, “Well, we can. But, we’re probably not going to be able to get to it until Monday or Tuesday. We get 600 reports a day of viruses and your site cannot be considered any more or less important than others. And, it’s probably going to cost a $500 or so.”

You go on the camping trip because there’s nothing else you can do. Or, is there?

The Problem: WordPress is a Big Target

There are many benefits of WordPress for your website. But, with the many benefits, certain realities exist as well. As WordPress continues to grow as a Content Management System (CMS), more and more website hackers and sick people who enjoy taking down peoples’ websites and businesses continue to grow in number and capability. Now more than ever, you must take the right steps to protect your website now before tragedy strikes.

How Does Malicious Code End Up on Your Website?

Whether you are a huge company, celebrity, or just starting your business and no one knows about you yet, the thread of malicious code being placed on your site is surprisingly equal. Rarely will someone target your website individually. More likely, a developer has created an executable programming script to scour the internet looking for all WordPress websites that have certain criteria that the script looks for.

Typically, these breech opportunities could include:

  1. WordPress websites that have been setup with a “One Click Install” when purchasing a website hosting account.
  2. WordPress websites that leave the default “Admin” as the username.
  3. WordPress websites with all lowercase, easy-to-pick, “12345” type passwords.
  4. WordPress websites with plugins that haven’t been updated in several months.
  5. WordPress websites with versions of WordPress software that have not been updated in several months.

There are many possibilities for how your website could have become infected, of course, but these are the most common. They are also among the easiest to fix before malicious code becomes and issue for your website. But, what can you do once your website IS infected?

Options for What to Do When Your WordPress Website Becomes Infected

You have only two real options available when you are in panic mode with an infected website. You can either start a new website and do more to prevent the problem from happening in the future. Or, you can pay someone to fix the problem.

Many viruses and malicious codes added to WordPress websites can be fixed by restoring from backup. Sometimes you have to go back only a few days. But, most commonly, you will need a backup from a few weeks back. Malicious code is typically embedded into your files on one date and then activated to cause problems on another date. Why? Because the problem is harder to fix of course! That’s part of the FUN these sick people enjoy when they send out their scripts.

Some viruses and malicious code will penetrate only one or two main core files. These are quick fixes too. An experienced developer can usually identify core infected files in under an hour and have them removed. Of course, the challenge on a Friday evening (when these problems tend to show themselves), is finding someone willing to drop everything to help you.

More commonly, malicious coders will instill code scripts in a way that multiple files (and even your WordPress database) could be impacted. In that case, the fix could cost in upwards of $1,500 for an experienced programmer to go through every line of code on your website. This is a very grueling and tedious process for anyone, even someone with experience in fixing infected WordPress websites.

And, then there’s the time factor. Again, you have to find someone willing to drop everything they’re doing to stay up all night investing 10-15 hours of their own time to fix your problem. Expect additional charges for rush job orders.

Announcing: A New Way to Fix Malicious Code on Your WordPress Website

Not only is a great source for buying domain names, but we also have partnered with a services provider to fix WordPress websites any time of the day or night, on any day of the week. Your website will still probably be down for a few hours. But, these guys begin work on restoring your site almost immediately after placing your order.

The best part is that once your website is fixed, they automatically provide a protection and monitoring system so that the problem is not likely to return.

Here is an image that identifies the three packages offered.

WordPress virus fix and website protection

If you have been hit with a virus and your website is down, the obvious choice for you will be the…

You Could Be Spreading the Infection to Your Website Visitors and Not Even Know it!

One of the more recent problems with WordPress website infections is malicious code embedded that does NOT impact the performance of your website. Instead, the intent of the virus is to cause problems your website visitors and potential customers! Your website visitors most often do not realize anything has happened. Only later do they start experiencing problems with their computers not working right or they keep seeing ads pop up on their screen for pornography websites or diversion attempts to get the person to go visit other websites.

For this reason alone, I believe it is every website owner’s responsibility to have an ongoing scan & fix preventative maintenance program in place. And, we offer it! Protect your website visitors from potential threats and keep your website clean from viruses year after year. Go with the…

Your Website Can Be Hosted Anywhere to Use These Services

If your website is hosted on a shared hosting server at large website hosting companies like Hostgator or Blue Host, you can expect more virus and malicious code infections than smaller, more intimate hosting companies. Still, these fix and prevent services can be used for any hosting location. Sign-up with confidence that you are just a few hours away from relief and peace of mind.

WordPress is a Great Program!

To sum this up, we still feel strongly that WordPress is the best option for most companies needing a website. WordPress itself just needs a little help to lock it down in order to prevent problems from occurring.

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